Ovid Union Cemetery
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Ovid Union Cemetery Rules

1. Fall Cleanup Day is held in late October. As such, please remove vases, urns, and all summer items by October 15th. All flags and banners will be removed immediately after Veterans Day.

2. Spring Cleanup Day is held in late April. Kindly remove winter items by April 15th.

3. To allow for proper maintenance:
No glass or metal permitted.
No trees, shrubs, plants, or flowers shall be planted.
No structure, monument, or device shall be erected that will interfere with proper maintenance.

4. Lot owners are required to keep all monuments, tombstones and their foundations in good repair and condition.

5. All persons within the cemetery will conduct themselves in a manner befitting a sacred place.
P.O. Box 175 | Route 414 | Ovid, NY 14521